About the Foundation

The Branum Erickson Foundation, or BEFound, was formed in as the result of a tragic family experience in 2005. A 10 month old baby within the Branum-Erickson family wound up in the ICU and in need of several surgeries. Miraculously surviving, he would need long-term care that his grandparents Mary Branum-Erickson and Ivan Erickson  would provide. Two years after they began working with various medical staff regarding the grandbaby, they recognized the needs of many for medical supplies and decided to do something to support others.

Through a lot of research Mary discovered there are many ways that people can help each other with medical challenges which include rehoming medical supplies for patients. This program of BEFound is a way to help someone looking to put no longer needed medical equipment to good use, while also helping individuals who are having a hard time affording these items.  This mostly includes used equipment such as medical beds, scanners, crutches, and similar items. Our organization finds people willing to donate items and actively retrieves them, redistributing them for free to organizations with people who would benefit from them. If a specific item is needed, the charity will seek it out and attempt to find it. During a big life change finding help is hard, BEFound understands the local resources available and will help to find solutions for the help needed. We help drive the knowledge of local charities and support groups helping all of those giving back to become more successful in their efforts.

Sadly, BEFound Co-founder Mary Branum Erickson passed away in 2015 but her memory and legacy live on. Looking to the future, there are several projects in the works to move the charity toward expansion. The current focus  for BEFound is the role out of the Missing Pieces Club, an program meant to connect and console those who have experiences their own tragedies and are looking for support.

About the Founder

Mary Branum-Erickson

A business owner, driver of great ideas, and kind soul- Mary Erickson is the reason BEFound has been able to positively impact so many lives.  Mary lived to help those in her path and was both a motivational leader and confidante. She was a regular support system for friends and colleagues through difficult times, herself enduring many of life’s heartaches.  Mary’s struggles made her stronger, and she moved through life conquering fears and pursuing goals while not losing appreciation for even the smallest blessing.

Those who knew her were blessed. All who have been and will be positively impacted by the Branum Erickson Foundation will continue her story.


BEFound liaisons with other mission-friendly organizations as well as forward our own charitable agenda by helping to coordinate local support, encouragement and assisting those who would like to give to a charitable cause, and contributing efforts and funds when possible to continue our mission of improving life when we can.


Through many channels of support we hope to provide relief during difficult times.  Our medical “pay-it-forward” program helps to support people in need of medical equipment or supplies. Our missing pieces program will strengthen community members who are dealing with family disablement or loss. In all cases our goal is to help people BEFound when feeling lost.

Board of Directors

Monique Proffitt

Pearl Mauer
Board Member
Hannah Bink
Board Member