BE Found supports programs that directly support those affected by serious injury or illness and their loved ones.

Medical Equipment Donations

BE Found collects and distributes used medical equipment to those most in need through partnerships with organizations around the world and in our backyard.

To donate your used medical equipment, such as wheelchairs or elbow crutches, click here.

Missing Pieces

Our latest addition, Missing Pieces, is a grief relief group aimed at filling the void one may feel after a family member becomes seriously injured or sick. For example, one spouse may do all the cooking in the household. If that spouse is no longer able to do these tasks the other must take over. These kinds of extra challenges, placed on the emotional burden of the situation, can become overwhelming.

Missing Pieces offers regular group meetings for people who must learn new skills in the wake of tragedy. Each meeting will focus on life functions such as balancing a checkbook or growing a garden. Other meetings may focus on internal healing and healing through yoga, dance, or other forms of personal development.

Our goal is to remind people that there is life after tragedy and that theirs can still be filled with joy, once they develop the skills to make it through the darkness. Once out of the darkness we hope they leave with knowledge they did not have prior and a strong bond with others going through similar heartache.

Money raised for this group will provide for venue, food, and materials needed. In some cases it may also cover the expense of driving members to the activities.